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I am currently a young passionate entrepreneur who love internet technologies. I believe that the internet will change life for the better. I work for one of the biggest tech company and very much love to work on IT projects. This site is dedicate to my passions. Feel free to browse around and let me know if you have any questions.

Favorites Activites: Creating websites, Creating Videos, Composing Beats, Programming, Creating Mobile Apps, launching businesses and investments ventures.

Favorite Past time: Studying and improving on my Vietnamese, Chinese and English. Playing Poker tournaments. Reading ton of online business Articles. Listening to lots of Music and watch lots of Movies and Drama TV Show.

Favorite Quotes:

"Once every ten years the media medium changes."
Mark Zuckerberg First Law
"Internet Data Amount we share will double every year." Zuckerberg  Second Law
"Find something you love share it and dedicate your life to it." Twitter Founder.