Friday, March 22, 2013

IOS 6.3 Coding Journey Begin

OK it's been awhile since I've updated this site. 1 yr to be exact. Life been busy. Traveling, gambling and working full time not exactly easy to keep up with everything. Now 2013 is here. I've gained quite a bit of skill along the way these last year.

-I've upgraded 2 OS. Windows 7 to 8 from scratch.
-Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. Removed old boot-camp of Windows 7 dual boot
-Played with the Microsoft Surface Tablet open and config from scratch used it.
-IOS upgrade from 5.3 to IOS 6.3 latest update to all my apps now.

Up to this point I've always been a windows person though I've consumed Apple product like any other consumer I've actually never really been a coder on the Mac OS or IOS. When I was a kid I've coded Logo writer and used old Macintosh computer before all these new devices exploded but I was too young so it don't really count. Now because the mobile industry is growing so rapidly so many changes and updates got to keep up if you want to survive in this tech industry.

Devices I carried and own are too many being a developer I have to keep up to date.-Mac-book air outdated 2011 now 2013 version I've upgraded to mountain lion
-The process upgrading this was not painful just took forever backing up everything
-IOS Mountain Lion 6.5GB took 3-5 hrs to download then installation.

Installed Xcode 4.63 1.5GB took another 2hrs to download and installed.

The Journey of coding in IOS begin.
It's been a week since I've gone through the initial stage of setting up everything.
I've started coding objective C. It's not too bad very similar to other language C# and so on. Once you know one programming language you can pretty much transfer to other just takes time and dedication.

The Goal and purpose of all this:
My goal is to design, code, build, test, deploy everywhere I can so my skill set don't become rusty.
Mainly to understand cross platform mobile technology front end and back end.

Tools set that I've already master are:

HTML5, Javascript, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2008-2012 Entire Stack from Database, Integration Services, OLAP, BI, analytic services, Windows Server Enterprise, IIS 7.0, Visual Studio 2003-20012. .NET Framework ect.. Mainly the Microsoft Stack

Tool set that want to master next are:

Time to branch away and diversified a little bit venture as a designer, coder, builder on Mac OS mainly IOS.
XCode, Phonegap, Javascript, JSON, Brush up on PHP and MYSQL

I wish I've delve and continue this sooner 3 yrs ago back at Avalon. But now getting back to it since X Code is now free and IOS is more stable then before. Need to keep on learning and moving on.