Friday, November 23, 2012

As 2012 coming to an End. Im thinking where is technologies are going in the next few years. When I went thanksgiving shopping today. I realize there is not a lot that I need. As far today technologies. But I'm starting to see a lot of my prediction a few years is becoming reality. Now we in the midst of slowing down as far innovation in mobile industry go. It's going through an iteration stage.

Non Smartphone Start 1996-2007 
True Smartphone 2007-2012 

2007  Iphone 1.0 

2008 Android Ice Cream 
2009 Windows 7 Release 
2010 -Ipad One -Skydrive Switch -Avalon Windows 7 windows Server 2008
2011 Ipad 2 

2012 Ipad 3 Ipad Mini LTE OMBAMA II

 -Square Started to take off
 -Iphone 5. IOS6
 -Windows Phone 7 8
-Windows 8 Visual Studio 2012 SQL2012

2013-2020 The LTE Tablet Years-Speed is not the problem anymore
-Multitouch we have mastered it Not and issues anymore
-Electronic payments like Hong Kong Tokyo Octupus system.
-France Paris is completely wired underground
-New Mumba is coming online
-Shanghai becoming the new york city
-London get a newer Airport

2013-2020 LTE Years Longer Battery Life

2013 LTE Roll out windows 2008 Rollout
2015 Windows 2008 reach 600 Million Units or so
2016 New President Replacing OBAMA
My Lexus Reach 100k Time to Change for a new Car.
Electric car like Tesla Everywhere old Tesla 50k instead of 70k
2017 Electric Panel and LED Screen becomes a commodity

2023 Mobile Industry will finally change
-7 days battery life hopefully.
-Coming work Screen is everywhere
-White Board is Interactive.
-Coming Home Screen are interactive everywhere
-Mobile Computing for clothes and shoes will take a leap.
-Stuff like Tron and back to the future will be more adopted by future generation.