Monday, January 10, 2011

Electronic Hardware Need to be Rightfully Price for Consumer Electronics. 2011-2012 The Tablet Years.

When a product that is hot sell well is because it's rightfully price. If you want your product to go mass penetratration then the key is to have a quality product with the right price. Epescially in Electronics since the models will get outddated every year. Product pricing have to make sense. 
  1. Flat Panel TV and Projects (Most expensive ticket items)
  2. Server computer (This cannot be more expensive than your TV Display unless it's a powerful machine)
  3. Desktop computer (Future will be Surface computer cannot be more expensive than server typically)
  4. Laptop computer (should not be more expensive than your desktop computers unless it's a luxury brand)
  5. Games Consoles cannot be more expensive than your laptop computers.
  6. Tablet or Slate computer cannot be more expensive than laptops and desktop computer ideally it should be cheaper than games consoles but that's not likely going to happen it prob around the same range.
  7. Smartphone cannot be more than tablet and other top computers etc...
 Today when you see a tablet that goes for a thousand dollar or more most likely the majority of consumer will wait and stay way until price drop. So 2011-2012 if it's all going to be about tablets then the price need to be around 250-600 anymore than this it's too pricy. We will see a whole new line of tablets coming out this year. The ideal specs should be 7hrs plus  battery, light and thin. No Fan strictly solid slate with instant on and off. Able to take anywhere outside readility even under direct sun light. Ipad is useless in the sun. Facetime camera for video skyping, HDMI input ideally plug into every tv for HD video streaming output. SD Card slot for your photo upload from your camera. Input device for docking for those that want it to turn into a laptop. Easy file transfer between the cloud, home network and work network make it seemless and painless today this is still a struggle for average joe consumer. The company that able to do these thing well will likely sell the most units. It's going to be interesting to see who will take the most units in the tablet arena. This is still new we will see.

  • Here is a case a really good tablet however too expensive ... Now it's crossing the laptop arena. It will prob drop next year. The main reason why it is expesnive is because of the Solid State Hard drive.