Saturday, November 27, 2010

Macbook Air 2010 running Windows 7 Ultimate

I've been tinkering with macbook air the last two day. I put windows 7 on it through boot camp and drain the battery for 7 hours. Downloaded everything on there I put 30 gig for mac and 70 gig for win7. Installed visual studio 2010 and sql 2008. Office 2010. Been running flawlessly. MSN Live and Skype Cam and voice is very clear.  When I close my lid it shutdown instantly much quicker than my work hp computer. When I turn it on. It come on instantly for the MAC OS then win 7 takes 20 second or so. Make no doubt this is the future of the next OS. Instant on No Fan Noise No Heat Noise maybe integrate with touch or built in Micro Kinect sensor would be nice. I use it to watch a movie on my lap no problem it doesn't heat up like the HP. Solid State is the way to go. Battery life could be better only 7hrs not as good as the Asus UL30vt laptop. This is way thinner and lighter though. I love the fact I can unplug and go without much waiting. The only complaint I have is the edge it is very sharp I think you can cut yourself if you drop it on your feet and also the power brick that come with this thing is too bulky how the heck do they make a beautiful hardware with ugly power brick why couldn't they make it the asus adapter. I haven't try playing any serious game on here so I don't know how the graphic will handle but I don't intend to. Watching and editing video it handle just fine this is very awesome. I'm working on a video on how to do this and will release soon. Come back and check it out.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Creating Cooler Intro Effects.

After few hours of playing with the video editing program along with sound and animations editing tool I'm finally able to create a cool intro to replace the plain black intro caption. Hopefully this will enhance the video intro. Enjoy.